Empower your clients with cutting edge scientific research and evidence-based genetic testing.

Nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics is an emerging field of health science that seeks to investigate our body's response to nutrients and exercise based on our DNA and its impact on health and wellness. Over the last five years rapid increase in nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics research has elucidated the impact of genetic variation on the body's response to various nutrients, diet and exercise regimes. The Nutritional Genomix test is a once in a lifetime investment that translates these research findings into an actionable report that can help health and fitness professionals further personalise their recommendations to clients.

Health and fitness professionals

Are you a dietitian, nutritionist or fitness trainer? Learn more about the Nutritional Genomix, our genetic test panels and our educational & training programs. Use this new and powerful technology with our support to add to your portfolio of skills.


Health Clubs

Are you a health and wellness company? Learn more about partnership and collaboration opportunities with the Nutritional Genomix in order to get happier customers, improve retention rates, increase new memberships, lower injury liabilities and increase personal training revenue.


Fitness Enthusiasts

Are you serious about achieving your fitness goals? Then learn more about nutrigenomics and how understanding your DNA can remove the guess work in figuring out your body's ideal diet and preferred training.