The highest form of knowledge is self knowledge.

At Nutritional Genomix our team of expert geneticists, bioinformaticians, dietitians, personal trainers, computer engineers and genetic counsellors are dedicated to empowering health and fitness professionals and their clients with cutting edge evidence-based genomic information. This information can then be used to make personalised recommendations, reduce trial and error, and ultimately help clients achieve their health and fitness goals efficiently. Our nutrigenomic test kit enables you to counsel individuals according to their DNA and provides you with a new and powerful technology to add to your portfolio of skills as a health and fitness professional. 

Join the evolution of the industry during this exciting era of genomics as it moves towards personalised nutrition and fitness by making Nutritional Genomix part of your Practise.

Become an authorised provider of Nutritional Genomix tests. If you are interested in joining our accreditation programs send us an email at or fill in the form below. The first 101 health professionals get INR 15000 off the INR 25000 Accreditation program fee. After you get accredited you will be trained in nutrigenomic counselling and you will be able to exclusively offer our tests to your clients at specially discounted rates. 

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